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FORUM is our flagship annual journal.  It aims to report on the many archaeological activities within Yorkshire each year.

Our main aim is to highlight the activities of community archaeology and history groups who make valuable contributions to our understanding of archaeology in the region.  We also welcome articles from professional and academic archaeologists, again with a Yorkshire emphasis.

From Edition 8 2019  Forum has been an on-line journal.  Not only is the content a review of just some of the archaeological activities in the region but can be regarded as:
An interactive gateway into the wider resources available on the internet.


Do you belong to a community group or have been involved in some interesting archaeological investigations?

Would you be interested in contributing to one of the next editions of Forum or Forum Plus?

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During the initial covid lockdown we were able to keep our members in touch by publishing three Forum Plus Editions.

The plan is to continue to publish extra editions under the Forum Plus cover.

See what we have uploaded so far to Forum Plus.


The Current Edition is only available to members of CBA Yorkshire from here.


The previous Series 1 editions can be accessed from the Forum Archive

The older editions and newsletters are being added to the Forum Archives – CBA(Y) Newsletters.


Eventually the current edition and the historic archive editions will only be available through the ‘Members Only’ section of the website.