CBA Yorkshire Community Archaeology Fund

CBA Yorkshire have established a Grants scheme to assist in the funding of Community Archaeology and Local History Projects.

The aim is to  assist with grants, usually up to £500, which cover specific requirements during a project.

Before applying for a grant please  read the CBA Yorkshire Small Grants Scheme Guidelines below.

You might also want to discuss this further by initially emailing

Copyright Phil Jones. An object from this excavation were conserved using a grant from CBA Yorkshire.

For guides and grants forms, please join CBA Yorkshire, where you can find the relevant forms in our members area.

New Thubron/CBA-Yorkshire Award

The Thubron/CBA-Yorkshire Award (previously King/Thubron Award) has been presented every two years since 1995. This is a helpful sum of £200 intended to support any work undertaken by student or community archaeologists that contributes to the greater understanding of Yorkshire’s archaeology.
To apply for the Thubron/CBA-Yorkshire award, in the first instance, contact: