Who We Are

CBA Yorkshire enables community archaeology groups in the region to do what they love – archaeology and spreading the word about their work!

CBA Yorkshire lets local societies (our “Affiliate Groups”) offer mutual support for each other, while allowing individual members to find out what is happening around them.

We also promote Yorkshire’s archaeology and cultural heritage to the public and other organisations.

A community excavation at Cawood Common. Copyright Margaret Brearley.

What You Can Do

CBA Yorkshire’s members do a lot of things for us, including:

  • Publishing an annual journal FORUM and other publications
  • Running conferences, online talks (such as our Fireside Chats) and day-schools
  • Making grants to members and Affiliate groups
  • Sponsoring/undertaking/publishing research for the benefit of our members
  • Acting as an umbrella group and referral body across regional and national centres of expertise
  • Lobbying decision-makers and influencers for Yorkshire’s heritage


Joining CBA Yorkshire

Help us develop our work in education, conservation and raise the profile of archaeology in the minds of decision-makers. Our members fall into 2 main categories:

Affiliate members – this membership apples to societies and companies who wish to be a part of CBA Yorkshire.

Individual members – this membership applies to individual members of the public who wish to join CBA Yorkshire; there are options for joint and student memberships as well.

To join us as either an affiliate or an individual member please click this link:

Our Committee

The Management Committee consists of the Trustees, representatives of the Group’s member organisations and specified individual members of the Group.  Our committee is elected at the AGM.

The business of the Group is normally conducted through meetings of the Committee but only the Trustees can pass resolutions binding on the Group. To see the full list of the committee please see Our Committee page.

Nomination Form

At the Annual General Meetings it is possible to nominate yourself using this form – Nomination Form and guidance. Please send this form to secretary at secretary@cba-yorkshire.org.uk to submit your nomination.